Tuesday September 2, 2014
What is Big Dave smiling about?

What is Big Dave smiling about?

Warm Up
BPA 4×15
Review Split Jerk
*FJ Lunge Cue
* B should be ALL out pace. Rotate as needed. M/F difference in reps
A. Split Jerk 
Heavy Single from the rack
B. 5 Sets Each For Time
7/5 Pull Up
15 Back Extension
10/7 AD Sprint
 2 Minute Rest Between
Post WOD
Stretch Lats
Mobilize anything needed for heavy SN/CJ tomorrow
Monday September 1, 2014

September is here! Enjoy the long weekend. The Fort has an abbreviated schedule today. 9AM and 5:30PM Only. NO CFK Class! Normal Schedule resumes tomorrow!

Eat Like A Champ!


Da Babies! Awesome time for the ladies!

Da Babies! Awesome time for the ladies!

Monday (LABOR DAY)
*If you need more time to warm up, get here earlier to dial everything in and work mobility
Warm Up
Spiderman + Pause for Hips
Review Thruster, Burpee and KBS
A. Front Squat 
3×3 at 87%
B. “When Pigs Fly”
15 Thrusters (95/65)
15 Burpees
15 KBS (53/35)
Post WOD
Stretch Hips + Quads


Sunday August 31, 2014
Matt holds everyone's attention

Matt holds everyone’s attention

A. Snatch
3 at 60%
3 at 70%
2 at 75%
1 at 80% (Must be a good make to advance)
1 at 85%
B. “Ring of Fire” 
15 Calories on AD/Row
15 Burpees
100m Run
12 Cal
12 Burpees
200m Run
9 Cal
9 Burpees
400m Run
6 Cal
6 Burpees
600m Run (To the Valerie’s Way Sign)