Thursday July 24, 2014
Warm Up/Skill
*Work as a skill. Practice the movements with focus.
A. Turkish Get Up
Progress with a bit heavier weight than normal
B. “The Iron Mask”
100 KBS (70/53)
EMOM 5 Burpees
The Cannon

The Cannon

Wednesday July 23, 2014
Warm Up
Barbell Warm Up
A. Power Clean
Perfect Movement
B. Strict Press
5×3 around 82%
C. Strict Pull Up
So this means 3 second descent, 1 second hold at the bottom, explode up, and hold for 2 seconds with your chin above the bar!
Tuesday July 22, 2014
A. Warm Up/Skill
5 Sets
GHD Sit Up x 10
Back Extension x 12
Keep the spine neutral
Use quads on GHD Sit Up
B. Barbell/Yoke Carry
Load up the Yoke or Barbell and carry it 75feet
C. Sandbag/Plate Run
800M For Time
Use a plate or sand bag