Good luck to all our athletes running the o2x race on Saturday at Loon. Represent The Fort! Weekly Training WODs | 9/26/16 – 10/2/16 - Good luck to all Fort athletes running O2X on Saturday. Run fast and take chances! DELOAD AND TRANSITION WEEK WORKOUTS: Monday 9/26 A. Sorensen Test 2 min is the goal This proves postural strength through your back side! B. Side Bridge (Left and Right) :90 seconds is the goal This proves good strength and stability through […]
Thanks for an awesome RED Friday! Weekly Training WODs | 9/19/16 – 9/25/16 - O2X Loon Summit Challenge is coming up soon! Saturday October 1. Loon Mountain in Lincoln, NH. If you’re interested in registering, use coupon code “20LOON” and search for Team “The Fort CrossFit”, select the 10am race start time. You will receive 20% off your registration fee! This is a fun and challenging race through the […]