Wednesday October 29, 2014

OPT is the man!

TONIGHT Jameson and FJ will be leading an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar! Be there at 7PM!

The Fall Festivus at Eileen's was a great time! Thank you so much for hosting!

The Fall Festivus at Eileen’s was a great time! Thank you so much for hosting!

Warm Up
Inchworms with Push Up
A. Goal Work
Continue to work on your goals for Phase 1!
B. Bench Press 
3 x 6
3 seconds DOWN, 1 second on the Chest, EXPLODE up
C1. Tricep Extensions (Use Bands) x 10
C2. Bicep Curl (Use Barbell) x 10
C3. ABS (GHD Sit Ups, Strict TTB, Etc) x 10
4 Sets 


Liz Mansfield | October Featured Athlete

What can we say – Liz is awesome. She absolutely embodies everything we look for in a Fort Monster! Liz is considerate and welcoming to others, she works extremely hard inside the gym, and she brings a positive attitude whenever she’s at The Fort. She puts in the work outside of the gym, making tremendous gains with lifestyle stuff – food, sleep, hydration. Liz have made so much progress over the past couple of years. As coaches it’s awesome for us to see that. Thanks, Liz, for doing your part to make The Fort what it is. Please enjoy reading Liz’s athlete profile below!

Join Date: August 2012

Why you joined:  I had been a member of the local fitness club for 2 years or so and could not seem to stay motivated.  I would go faithfully 3-4 times per week for a few months, and then lose interest.  As most people do, I got tired of the hamster wheel.  A friend sent me an article that focused on the relatively short duration of CrossFit WODs vs. their effectiveness.   A short workout that’s more effective than hours on the treadmill?  I was all in.  Little did I know what awaited!  I googled “CrossFit Hampstead,” and found The Fort, just 2.5 miles from my house.

Biggest fear before starting:  Allow me to set the scene of my first visit to The Fort.  This was before the expansion to 3 bays and the front door opened right onto the workout floor.  I walked in and right there was JP, pouring sweat, shirtless and ripping through reps of heavy clean and jerks.  This was not your Mama’s gym.  It was an impressive sight and I was pretty intimidated.  It is hard to see high-level performance like that and not feel some self-doubt.  I was worried that I would be judged and found lacking.  But after about 5 minutes of chatting with Kyle and witnessing the fist-bumping, friendly atmosphere after the WOD, I felt really encouraged.

Throwback! Liz during the Open 2 years ago!

Throwback! Liz during the Open 2 years ago!

Full Time Job: Business Manager for Artisan Childcare Center

Fitness Goal: Weight loss was the primary goal in any fitness regimen that I began in the past.  It is still a focus for me, but I have refined the way I look at fitness.  The goal-setting challenge that we just started has really helped me hone in on what I want; to get stronger physically and mentally and keep progressing with each visit to The Fort.

Favorite Food:  Pizza

Personal Hero:  There have been a lot of people who have made an impact on my life, but I am most in awe of the men and women who choose to serve our country in the military.  The selflessness and sacrifice that they embody every day is very motivating.  It’s hard to bail on burpees or wall-balls when Nate Hardy is looking down at you from his place above the clock!

Favorite Exercise:  The snatch and overhead squats.

Least Favorite Exercise:  Running…just kidding, it’s burpees.  Duh.



What motivates me to be better:  It sounds self-absorbed, but my own success keeps me motivated. If I see results at the gym or in the mirror, I stay on track.  Then there are my peers at the Fort who continue to rack up PRs on the goal board like they’re making a grocery list.  And my coaches, who amaze me every time I see them work out.  They push themselves harder than anyone at the gym, lead by example, and are always seeking new ways to help the members.

Greatest accomplishment:  Inside the gym, my greatest accomplishment has been competing in the CrossFit Open.  The WODs are very intimidating, but with each one, I have surprised and pushed myself farther than I thought I was capable.  Outside of the gym, my greatest accomplishment has been winning the Nobel Prize in rocket science.  I don’t like to talk about it…I’m really humble.  ;)

Words of wisdom:  Although I have remained more committed to CrossFit than any other workout regimen that I have embarked upon, more than 2 years into it, I have not met my original weight loss goals.  Some might view this as a failure.  I have learned that having that kind of mindset only perpetuates further failure.  That’s the voice in my head saying, “Well Liz, you already skipped the gym today, you may as well have that cupcake.”  The voice that I’m trying to develop is the one that says, “You deserve to feel good about yourself and reach your goals.  Go put your gym clothes on, you know you’ll feel better after a workout.”  That positive voice doesn’t always win the war, but as I continue on my journey it is winning more battles.

Just remember that no matter how many times you slip up, you just have to start over and eventually you will get there.  You have to stay positive and remind yourself that you’re human and nobody is perfect.  I am thankful that each time I fall off the wagon, the ground gets closer.  Plus, now I can run faster and catch it quicker!




Tuesday October 28, 2014

Mat Fraser is the man

Wednesday Night Jameson and FJ will be leading an Olympic Weightlifting Seminar! Be there at 7PM!

FJ...getting better every day!

FJ…getting better every day!

Warm Up
Jay Grimes Ab Routine
Do 8 reps and 8 seconds of each movement
A. Upper Body Pulling
Strict Pull Ups
*Must control the descent. No dropping from the top
*Do negatives with a 3 second descent for scale
B. MAP at 80% Effort
 8 Hang Power Cleans (95/65)
5-10 Push Ups
25 DU/50 SU
Rest 5 Minutes
10 Burpees
Suitcase Walk (70/53 down and back)
20 Lunge In Place
*Notes: Please keep the AMRAPs aerobic! So go hard but be able to breath through out. Pace, pace, pace!