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Good Morning Monsters, 

Here is some reading for you on this snowy morning. This is a great preface to The State Of The Fort Address which is happening Wednesday February 11th at 7PM and Saturday  February 14th at 10:30AM.

Please Read This

This is a piece of the direction we are heading; do not be alarmed though! These changes are for YOU! There will be much further explanation during the Meeting, but know that the programming and training will be much better designed for the groups based on strengths, weaknesses and goals.

Who you are as a person and as an athlete and what your goals are have everything to do with how you train at The Fort. Like the article says, if you are looking for great body composition, lousy snatch form and failed double under attempts are probably not the best way to accomplish that goal. Discipline with what you put into your body, smart training and a good lifestyle are the keys to that goal! Similarly, if you desire to reach a higher level of fitness as a sport, showing up here three days a week will not suffice.

Like I said, there is plenty to share with you in the meeting! The Fort is extremely excited about this! Onward!

CP speaks the truth.

CP speaks the truth.

Friday, January 30, 2015
lori decide
A. Back Squat 
Build to A Heavy Set of 2
*Use 4-5 Working Sets
B. Push Press
Build to A Heavy Set of 2
*Use 4-5 Working Sets
C. EMOM 12
5 Reps of Lunge Left, Lunge Right, Push Press
Dudes 65
Women 45
*30 second limit
Thursday, January 29, 2015
#TBT Bros

#TBT Bros

A. Bench Press
Build to A Heavy Set of 3
2 second descent, 1 second pause with the bar on the chest, explode up
*Each set should be 9+ seconds
B. Side Bridge Max (Right and Left)
C. Sorensen Max (On GHDs)
*If there are a lot of people, one group does B, then switches to C.
D. Z1 Work
20 min Bike/Row
*Every 5 minutes get off and practice a NON Barbell skill