We have recently brought Progenex into The Fort CrossFit. They will be doing a taste testing night soon, for now I wanted to share with you information about Progenex and benefits of their products.


Progenex is whey protein used by some of the best athletes in the world to build muscle, recover faster and perform better! Progenex also tastes amazing when mixed with water.

Please visit their website:


We have Progenex in stock now! Also, you will not have to pay shipping costs obviously.

More Muscle: $70/bag

Recovery: $60/bag

*Peanut Butter Smash $65

Drink me!

Drink me!


Tuesday July 29, 2014
Burpee Machines

Burpee Machines

Please Donate to the cause!
Grill and Chill after the 9AM class! 
Strongman Tuesday
In Teams (depending on class sizes)
5 Minutes at each Station for max reps/distance
1 Minute of Rest/Transition time between
Weight is heavy as possible for team
Yoke/Barbell Carry 75 ft
Tire Flip
Sled Push
Farmer Carry


July’s Featured Member, Jessica Forbes

Jessica Forbes is one of The Fort CrossFit’s Originals. In the last 3 years she has transformed into an athlete. She has remained committed to her training, even through her second pregnancy, and now she is stronger and more fit than ever before. It’s been quite amazing and inspirational to work with her and watch her progress over the years. Not to mention she’s super cool and fun to hang out with. Congratulations, Jess! Keep up the great work.

J4BES. Summer 2013. Always improving.

Summer 2013. Always improving.

Join Date: August 2011

Why you joined:  I had been doing a lot of cardio and little results after my first pregnancy. My friend in Chicago told me about this thing called CrossFit. She said the workouts were usually quick and different every day, but most of all she was getting unbelievable results. I had also heard it was kinda “underground.” After looking and discovering the Fort, I was excited because my husband was interested too and this was something we could do together.

Biggest fear before starting:  The unknown. I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into.

Full Time Job: Regional Account Manager for Asurion.

Fitness Goal: My primary goal is to feel great, be healthy and have fun.

Favorite Food:  I love almost anything Mexican and dark chocolate.

Personal Hero:  I learn something from the amazing Moms at the Fort every day. Ladies like Tee, Audrey, Michelle, Moira, Mel, Lauren, and Jen all with different challenges, all working to become stronger.

Favorite Exercise: Bench press

Least Favorite Exercise: Burpees

What motivates me to be better:  I do it for my babies. My kids are always watching me. Being stronger means being stronger for them. I did CrossFit throughout my entire pregnancy with my second child Henry. With that and a combination of a mostly Paleo diet, I believe we were both healthier.

Greatest accomplishment:  I am an athlete. This is the first time in my life I have felt like an athlete. My accomplishment in the gym is anything squat. For a while I thought it was something my body just couldn’t do. Kyle and Ashley pushed me to keep at it, getting stronger and mobilizing. BS 1RM #115, FS 1RM #105, and my OHS is feeling pretty sweet! Crossfitting while pregnant was pretty awesome too.

Words of wisdom:  I’ve learned so much about listening to my body. It’s hard not to want to push yourself, especially when you are competitive. At the end of the day I have to work and be a mom, no time for injuries here. I don’t beat myself up on my bad days and make my time in the gym count. But if I’m feeling good, I know to push myself. Don’t be afraid to be the last one finished a WOD because you challenged yourself or it just takes you longer. This is the only sport where they cheer harder for the last ones to finish.

jess forbes

Kettlebell Swings with Henry!

March 2013.

March 2013. WOD Crawl at TFCF.

Beautful, fit Mama! Summer 2014.

Beautful, fit Mama! Summer 2014.