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Food. Let’s eat!

Hi, everyone! Coach Ashley here. It’s been a little bit of time since I’ve published anything on this blog about food, but I have been answering some questions lately so I wanted to write up a brief summary about my thoughts. The topic today is going to be about eating enough food to support your […]

Paleo Power Meals + Fresh Meal Plans

Nutrition! You thinks about, know the value of it, and want wants it to be better, but there could be something standing in your way. Paleo Power Meals and Fresh Meals Plan have joined forces and are here to help. They will be at The Fort on Wednesday, September 2, from 4:30pm until the food […]

Need coffee? Post-workout snack? How about breakfast or lunch?

The Fort is always looking for new ways to build partnerships with local community businesses. We are thrilled to be partnering with BeanTowne Coffee House. BeanTowne’s owner and staff pride themselves on being “a community organization” housed inside a coffee house. They are committed to being involved in community events, they display the artwork of […]

I Am A Failure

Read this. And get to work failing. Learn from those lessons and be better from them because if you don’t then that is your fault. I AM A FAILURE Ask yourself, why do you fail? Let’s have an honest conversation! I am more than happy to take some time to sit down, talk and establish […]

Friday Reading

Good Morning Monsters,  Here is some reading for you on this snowy morning. This is a great preface to The State Of The Fort Address which is happening Wednesday February 11th at 7PM and Saturday  February 14th at 10:30AM. Please Read This This is a piece of the direction we are heading; do not be […]

Leading The Life You Want

I had a great conversation with a member the other evening just talking about training, nutrition and lifestyle pieces. This member described the struggles she was having and asked awesome questions about how she can be better across the board. We discussed eating more food for her activity level, pre and post training nutrition and […]