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House Keeping

Hi Fort Members, I just wanted to cover a few quick housekeeping things: When CrossFit Teens is going on, please respect their time and space. If you want to get started early, or practice, please go in the backroom or outside. Remember, CF Teens is Monday, Wednesday, Friday from 4 to 5PM. Thursday and Sunday […]

CrossFit = Better running

Hi Kids, I want to discuss running in this post and how CrossFit can help improve your running over any distance. From CrossFit, you will be stronger, more flexible and have more endurance all of which translate into better, safer and more efficient running. We also teach better running mechanics, using gravity to aid us, […]

You are only as fit as your weakest link

There are 10 General Physical Skills in CrossFit. At The Fort, we use these skills daily. I heard someone say, “Oh try this movement,” and the response was “I would but I am not that flexible.” That quick statement inspired this blog. Coaches Jim Cawley, and Bruce Evans of Dynamax are the original sources for […]

Murph: NOT just another work out

Memorial Day Murph is coming up this weekend. There has been a lot of excitement and talk about Murph. I am going to discuss who “Murph” is, the actual work out and scaling options. Remember, Murph is Saturday May 28th at 9AM! We will be showing Lone Survivor Friday May 27th at 7PM. Guests are more […]

How much weight should I use?

Coach Kyle, back at it again with another blog to answer the age old question, “how much weight should I use?” Well, it depends on a lot of things: who YOU are, what the movement is, and what the WOD is. Let’s establish 3 avatars to use as examples so that you can get an […]

Movin’ and Groovin’: MAP Training

What’s up Fort people? Coach Kyle here just wanting to drop some knowledge bombs about MAP Training on you. You may have noticed that we do multiple AMRAPs on Wednesdays. Why, you ask. I can explain! First, MAP stands for Maximum Aerobic Power. Teach Pacing Get everyone more Aerobic Be exposed to a variety of […]