How to Get Started with The Fort CrossFit

  1. Free Consultation to discuss YOU and your goals!
    This is our time to discuss why you want to join The Fort and which path is best for you. Each person is different and we take that into account.  Fill out a Contact Form in the sidebar to set up your Free Consultation today.
  2. Foundations
    All new members are required to complete Foundations before entering into class.
  3. With a Coach, decide on the following paths:
    A. Personal Training
    B. Personal Program Design
    C. Group CrossFit Class
Personal Training:
This will serve as the Foundation for new members entering the gym. Personal training is necessary to develop the skills and techniques that are required to advance towards PPD or Group Class. PT is not permanent; we will need some individual time to go over safe, effective movements and decide which path is best!
Personal Program Design:
Personal Program Design is for those members who have a much more specific goal in mind or want to work more closely with a coach. Some examples are to be competitive in CrossFit, gain muscle mass or completely change body composition. How this works is you and your coach sit down and discuss goals and what type of effort it will take to reach those goals. From there a program (Workouts, Lifestyle, Nutrition) will be developed and set into action. You will have your work to do while the gym is open.

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