Personal sessions with a Coach are available for everyone. These sessions are a great option for those who want more a program tailored to their specific needs and personalized coaching. This is also a great option for gaining more experience, confidence, and strength before joining group classes or for working toward sport-specific goals. If you are interested in Personal Training with one of our coaches please email

From the mother of a high school swimmer:

“My son Michael is a fifteen year old competitive swimmer. He began personal training with Kyle in June 2014. Michael wanted to take his swimming to the next level and was ready to bring strength training into the picture. Kyle has been an exceptional role model for my son; he is teaching him to train with his mind and body, not just his muscles.

Kyle’s work with Michael began with research. By furthering his personal knowledge of competitive swimming Kyle was able to fine tune a program specific to Michael’s needs. Their work together targeted development of the muscle groups that would enable Michael to swim with greater power. Two short months of bi-weekly sessions resulted in Michael increasing his heavy triple back squat from 125# to 175#. His unbroken strict pull ups increased from 5 to 13.

Each training session Kyle looks into what is going on with Michael.  The workout begins with the question “How are you feeling today?” This no longer elicits a one word response from my son.  He understands that communication is key. Kyle has given him the tools that allow more effective and honest self-evaluation. The importance of hydration, nutrition, mobility and recovery is emphasized as part of training. Michael is learning how to read his body’s cues and Kyle is teaching him how to respond.

I am thankful to Kyle for sharing his knowledge and passion with my son. Through his research, experience and dedication he will enable Michael to become an athlete that continues to progress; conquering new and greater challenges throughout his life. Oh….and Michael loves working out at The Fort with Kyle!”                                                                                                -Eileen X.

From the mother of a high school football player:

My 16 year old son Justin started working with Kyle one-on-one 3 times a week in November 2013. His main goal was to prepare for his up coming football season in August. All winter long Kyle focused on sport-specific lifting that would increase muscle mass and build Justin’s strength. Since November he has gained 30 lbs of muscle, doubled his bench pressing weight, and improved his numbers in all other aspects of his weight lifting.  One of the things that I love about his training is that he has a knowledgeable mentor and trainer in Kyle. This football season is off and running and Justin is the starting center, long snapper and field goal snapper for Timberlane High School.”     -Audrey M.