Nutrition is critical to achieving the body, performance, and the results you desire. Food is the foundation of our health and fitness. Whether you need a complete nutrition overhaul or just a few changes, The Fort CrossFit can help. Please contact for more information.

“My greatest accomplishment is cleaning up my diet AND consistently showing up and doing the best I can on that day. Consistency in the kitchen and in the gym are key to becoming stronger” Charlene R. (Member)

Testimonial from a one-on-one nutrition client:

“In March 2014 I began working on my nutrition with Ashley on a more individual level. I met with Ashley to review my long-term goals; we talked about what was standing in the way of reaching my goals and what I wanted to accomplish with her help. I knew working with Ashley would get me back on track. I’ve been a member of The Fort for two years and had fallen off the wagon with my healthy eating.

Ashley and I checked in with each other each time I was in the gym. I was able to email and text her with questions and when I did, she was quick with an answer. I absolutely loved the meals she planned for me. Some days I work 12 hours and I’m always on the go. Ashley made sure I had options and also planned foods which were easy to travel with so I could easily eat in the car.

From March to May I lost 7 inches total and gained a lot of muscle by eating more. I ate more protein and quality carbohydrates to fuel my long work days and help me recover from CrossFit workouts and lifting. We also worked on stress management. I felt a lot better mentally and physically.

If you need help with nutrition, talk to Ashley!”                Tanya K. (Member)