Charlene Rochefort

Join date: November 2011

Why you joined: To share the worlds of CrossFit and Paleo with my kids. I was intrigued by the language, the movements and pretty much all that was going on in the gym. I was very open to learning and love that the learning NEVER stops.

Biggest fear before starting: I wasn’t really afraid, I just did not look forward to the awkward stage of my mind thinking one thing and my body doing another. This concern went away as I learned to just focus on the movement and realized that everyone else was doing the same.

Greatest accomplishment: Cleaning up my diet AND consistently showing up and doing the best I can on that day. Consistency in the kitchen and in the gym are key to becoming stronger.

Words of wisdom: Eat Clean. Show Up. Do Your Best. Have Fun. Smile BIG!!

Michelle Mailloux

Join date: Feb 2011

Why you joined: I joined Crossfit because I wanted to get in shape after having my third baby. I wasn’t happy with the way I looked and how I felt about myself. I was insecure and I wanted to make a healthy change for myself and my family.

Biggest fear before starting: I really wasn’t sure what I was getting myself into. My fear was the unknown of how out of shape I was and the feeling of not returning to my body type and health I was in before having children. I was always athletic but being pregnant 3 times in 5 years I only focused on my family and let myself go.

Greatest accomplishment: Well I have many….. But my greatest accomplishment would be getting my first pull up. When I first started I needed all three bands and that was a struggle. To be able to do a workout and know that I can work at a higher level because I finally grew to that point with lots of hard work, dedication, and my Fort family.

Words of wisdom: Consistency is very important. For me, I have to make it a priority to go to The Fort 3 times a week. I know that can be challenging, being a mom of three I understand that. Convince yourself to go. You will always feel better when you leave.

Audrey Maguire

Join date: 7/10/11

My biggest fear: I had two fears when I started… Would I be strong enough to even do this, and would it help me achieve my goals?

Greatest accomplisment: I would say how strong I’ve become and the fact that I went from size 14 to 8 in jeans – I’m pretty proud of that.

Its not too often we find something or someone who can impact our lives. CrossFit has had such a positive impact on me and my family. Ashley and Kyle have been with me all the way, I couldn’t have achieved my goals of weight loss and fitness without them.

Mark Maguire

Join date: November 2011

Why you joined: To lose weight and get in better shape

Biggest fear before starting: Fear of CrossFit, after looking at what a WOD is all about, and thinking there is no way I can do this.

Greatest accomplishment: I lost 45 lbs, and learned how to eat clean. I have not felt better about myself than I do now.

Words of wisdom: If you want to lose weight, learn how to eat clean, and feel great about yourself, you need to come to the Fort CrossFit, it is not just a gym at is a community and family that cares about each and every member.