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WOD 9/18/17

Monday 9/18/17 Warm Up 30s Each Movement Walking Lunge Wall Sit No Push Up Burpee Plank with Reach A. Goblet Step Up 4 x 6-8 per leg. Rest 60s Heavy as able. Box height depends on height of knee. Top of the box should be just below the knee cap. B. Goblet Squat 4 x […]

WOD 8/18/17

Friday, Week 4/Block 3 Strength Squat Clean + Jerk: EMOM 10: 1 Rep – Spend 5:00 warming before starting the clock – Start at 50% and add weight each round – Goal is to end around 85% of 1RM. – Beginners: Technique Work or Back Squat 5 x 5 from the rack. Conditioning 7 RFT: […]