Weekly Training WODs | Week 2: 3/27/17-4/2/17

By | March 25, 2017

Hello Fort Members,

We’ve got some great changes in the works! Over the next couple of weeks the locker room and entryway areas are going to be getting a much-needed makeover. In order to have a smooth renovation process, we are requesting that you:

  • Empty your locker
  • Wipe it down
  • Label it with your name using provided tape
  • Please do so by the morning of Friday, March 31

All items left in the locker room after March 31 will be donated. Please carry necessary items to and from the gym until the renovations are complete. Once the flooring is finished, we will add the lockers back. The gym will be closed on Sunday due to the renovation. 

Thank you very much,

The Fort Crew


Monday 3/27 – Strength & CP Battery 
Upper push and Pull. Midline work.
A. Powell Raise
3 x 10/Arm. Rest 1 min.
B. Close Grip Bench Press
5 x 3-5 at 70%
Tempo: 20X1
Rest: 90s
C. Tricep Extension
3 x 15. Rest 1 min
D. Scap Pull Up
3 x 5. Pull with straight arms through the lats.
E. Pull Up
5 x 3-5. 1 sec Chin Over Bar Hold
*If close to pull ups, use a buddy to help you up and over the bar.
*Negatives 5 x 5-20s down depending.
F. Bicep Curl
3 x 10/arm. Rest 1 min.
Tuesday 3/28 – MAP

Aerobic Work
*Look for 1:1 Work to Rest sessions that are sustainable! This entire session should not crush you.MAP 7

20 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
10 Pull Ups
15 Russian KBS (70/53)
Rest 5 Min
50 DU
30 Cal Row
Rest 5 Min
30 Cal Bike
20 Lunges in Place
Wednesday 3/29 – Alactic Power
*Short, intense work. Big rest. Lots of Reps.:10s Bike, Sprint or Row at 100% (very very hard)
1:50 Rest (do nothing)
x 8
Rest 5 min
Thursday 3/30
Zone One
*Casual style. Get your recovery on. Bike, walk in the sunshine, swim, hike.

Friday 3/31 – Strength & CP Battery
*Lifting, Structure and Power work.A. Pull Up
5 x 3-5. 1 sec Chin Over Bar Hold
*If close to pull ups, use a buddy to help you up and over the bar.
*Negatives 5 x 5-20s down depending.

B. Good Morning
3 x 8 at 22X1. Rest 1 min.
C. Romanian Deadlift
3 x 8 at 3111. Rest 1 min
D. Box Jump
5 x 5. Rest 90s
*Get explosive, learn how to jump
Saturday 4/1 – Lactic Endurance
*Two words: Ouch-ies.
Think a 1 min Assault Bike at 95-100% effort.
:20s Assault Bike, Row or Sprint
:20s Burpees
Go Hard!
Rest 4 min
x 3
Rest 7 min
Sunday 4/2 – GYM CLOSED
There will be no open gym today due to the locker room renovations. We apologize for the inconvenience. 

SO MUCH AWESOME IN ONE PHOTO! Thanks to Jen Samiotes for this great shot.

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