Weekly Training WODs | Week 4: 4/10/17-4/16/17

By | April 9, 2017
Monday 4/10
Intent: Strength & CP Battery. Upper push and Pull. Midline work.
Build upper body strength and stability. Whether your goal is ultimate body composition or top notch performance, the shoulders and upper body must be balanced and strong.
Please follow the details (sets, reps, rest, tempo, percentages) because these will build over the coming weeks. Please follow the Sets Across (USE ONE WEIGHT THE ENTIRE TIME) RX on the Close Grip Bench Press (CGBP). 
A. Powell Raise
3 x 10/Arm.
Rest 1 min.
B. Close Grip Bench Press
5 x 3-5 at 80% of 1RM CGBP
Tempo: 20X1
Rest: 90s
C. Tall Kneeling DB Press at 2121
3 x 8-10/arm. Rest 1 min
D. Pull Up
5 x 3-5. 1 sec Chin Over Bar Hold
*If close to pull ups, use a buddy to help you up and over the bar.
*Negatives 5 x 5-20s down depending.
E. Bicep Curl
3 x 10
Tempo: 2121
Rest: 1 min.
F. RKC Plank
:25s Hold
:45s Rest
x 3
Tuesday 4/11
Intent: MAP (Maximum Aerobic Power) sessions should be sustainable, fun and healing.
Look for 1:1 Work to Rest. This entire session should not crush you.
20 Cal Bike
15 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
15 Russian KBS (70/53)
Suitcase Carry at 70/53 down and back
Rest 7 Min
50 DU
20 Cal Row
:30s Wall Sit
20 Walking Lunges
:30s FLR
Wednesday 4/12
Lactic Power We shift gears a bit into lactic power work. Please try to push hard on the machines for 20s. This type of work makes you more powerful, improves body composition and helps with all other training. It is very safe and effective to do on the bikes, rowers and sprinting. Please realize that the “turnover” time of regular CrossFit movements are too slow to get the correct stimulus we are looking for. Lactic Power work should be very uncomfortable and fast! 

:20s Bike, Sprint or Row at 90-100% (very hard)
:20s Burpees AFAP
:20s Jumping Lunges/Lunges In Place
3 Min Rest (do nothing)
x 4
Rest 7 min
Thursday 4/13
Zone One

Casual style. Get your recovery on. Bike, walk in the sunshine, swim, hike.
Friday 4/14
Intent: Strength & CP Battery. Lifting, Structure and Power work.
Continued upper body pulling work. Please continue to build on your strengths/weaknesses. The stronger you make the movements you are not good at, the better you will perform, look and feel! Please take advantage of the scaled option if you are not proficient/comfortable yet with the RX option! 
A. Pull Up
5 x 3-5. 2 sec Chin Over Bar Hold
*If close to pull ups, use a buddy to help you up and over the bar.
*Negatives 5 x 5-20s down depending.
B. Good Morning
3 x 10 at 22X1. Rest 1 min.
C. EMOM 21
1: Deadlift x 3
2: Clean Hi Pull x 3
3: Front Squat x 3
1: KBDL x 7
2: KBS x 7
3: KB Goblet Squat x 7
Saturday 4/15
Intent: Lactic Endurance + Midline
We will build RKC planks up so you all have the nicest abs in the land. Please do your part by eating good food and limiting alcohol! Part B should be very uncomfortable; do burpees for 10s As Fast As Possible, then 10s of Jumping Lunges, then hop on the machines for a 40s effort. We will do this 6 total times. This will make you more powerful and “comfortable being uncomfortable.” 

A. RKC Plank
4 Sets of :20s RKC :40s RestB. Lactic Endurance
:10s Burpees AFAP
:30s AB or Row
Go Hard!
Rest 3 min
x 4
Rest 10 min
Sunday 4/16 – CLOSED for Easter

Sarah, Gabby, Brian, Deanna at WOD Crawl 2017

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