Weekly Training WODs | Week 6: 4/24/17-4/30/17

By | April 22, 2017
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Monday 4/24
Strength & CP Battery. Upper push and Pull. Midline work.
Build upper body strength and stability. Whether your goal is ultimate body composition or top notch performance, the shoulders and upper body must be balanced and strong.
Please follow the details (sets, reps, rest, tempo, percentages) because these will build over the coming weeks. Please follow the Sets Across(USE ONE WEIGHT THE ENTIRE TIME) RX on the Close Grip Bench Press (CGBP). 
A. Scap Push Up
3 x 10
Rest 1 min.
B. Close Grip Bench Press
6 x 2-3 at 90% of 1RM CGBP
Tempo: 20X1
Rest: 90s
C. Upper Body Battery/Aerobic Work
:30s Strict Pull Up/Ring Row/Jumping Pull Up
:30s Rest
:30s Bike/Row/Run
:30s Rest
:30s DB Push Press (you pick the weight)
:30s Rest
:30s RKC Plank
:30s Rest
x 5 Sets. Do not AMRAP these efforts. Keep it sustainable.
Tuesday 4/25

Today we get into longer MAP work; the goal is to not have to stop moving for 30 minutes.
30 Minutes (Sustainable Pace)

75 Cal Row
200m Suitcase Carry (70/53)
70 DU or 200 SU
7 Wall Walks (nose to wall is RX)
50/30 cal Bike
Wednesday 4/26
Midline/Lactic Endurance
Part B is a Tester that Ash and I did a few summers ago at an athlete camp. Please do not pace it and go as hard as you can with each piece. Pick a KB weight that you can move fast and unbroken.
A. RKC Plank

35s Plank
60s Rest
20/15 Cal AB
15 KBS (70/53)
15 Burpees
15 KBS
15 Burpees
20/15 Cal AB
*100% effort. DO NOT PACE
*KBS weight fast and unbroken

C. Zone 1
10 min bike, walk or row
*Come back to Earth

Thursday 4/27
Zone One

Casual style. Get your recovery on. Bike, walk in the sunshine, swim, hike.


Friday 4/28
Strength & CP Battery. Lifting, Structure and Power work.
A1-C2 are all supersets; this means you will do 4-6 pull ups, then 8-10 goblet squats, rest 2 min, then repeat. Please pay attention to the total sets, reps, rest and tempo! C1 pick a heavy, but appropriate weight for DL or PC. 
A1. Weighted Pull Up x 4-6, 20X1
A2. Goblet Squat x 8-10, 32X1
Rest 2 min after A2. 4 Total Sets.
*If close to pull ups, use a buddy to help you up and over the bar.
*Negatives 3 x 5-20s down depending.
B1. RDL x 10 at 31X1.
B2. Walking Lunge x 10/leg. Hold DBs if able.
4 Total Sets. Rest 90s after B2.
C1. Deadlift or Power Clean x 5
C2. Burpee Box Jump x 10 (24/20)

Rest 1 min. 5 Sets Total


Saturday 4/29
Lactic Endurance + Midline
We will build RKC planks up so you all have the nicest abs in the land. Please do your part by eating good food and limiting alcohol! Part B should be very uncomfortable; Lactic endurance work will get you “more comfortable being uncomfortable.” We will cycle through KBS, bike, row or run, midline work and no push up burpees; 1 minute of HARD work and 3 min rest x 8 sets. 

A. RKC Plank
:40s RKC
:60s Rest
x 4B. Lactic Endurance
60s KBS (70/53)
Rest 3 Min
60s Bike/Row/Run
Rest 3 Min
Rest 3 Min
60s No Push Up Burpees
Rest 10 min


Sunday 4/20
Zone 1
*Same as Thursday

Murph 2016. This is coming up fast!

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