Weekly Training WODs | Week 8: 5/8/17 – 5/14/17

By | May 6, 2017
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Week 8 of current cycle!
Monday 5/8
Strength and CP Battery
A. Upper Body Push
Close Grip Bench Press
5 x 2-3 at 80%
*Index fingers where the smooth and knurl meetB. Upper Body Pull
Weighted Pull Up
5 x 2-3
*Palms facing away from you
*Scale to Negatives 5-20s depending on the personC. AMRAP 5
5 Strict Pull Ups
5 Burpee Box Jumps (24/20)
rest 3 min
10 Renegade Rows
10 Walking Lunges with DBs
*Must complete the eccentric. Feet cannot touch the floor before rep is complete.
*Scale to Horizontal Ring Rows______________________Tuesday 5/9
500m Row
50 DU / 150 SU
30/15 Cal Bike
Rest 5 Min
x 3
*Each 10 min effort should have the exact same score!
*Goal is to stay moving at a sustainable pace
Wednesday 5/10
Alactic Power
A. EMOM 10
5 Heavy Russian KBS
Rest 5 min
B. Max Watts on AB
3 attempts to hit Max Watts on AB
Rest 5 min
C. Assault Bike
3 min Max Calories
Thursday 5/11
Zone One
Walk, Bike, Row, Ski Erg at a pace that you could sustain for HOURS
Friday 5/12
Strength and CP Battery
A. Lower Body Pull
Clean or Deadlift
3 Rep at 80% of best lift
*Power or Squat variations
B. EMOM 12
Even: Pull Up x 5-10
Odd: Push Up (chest to abmat) x 10-20
Saturday 5/13
Lactic Power
A. RKC Plank
45s Plank
60s Rest
x 4
B. Assault Bike
40s at 95%
Rest 4 min
x 3
C. For Quality
100 Air Squats
Sunday 5/14
Zone One
Walk, Bike, Row, Ski Erg at a pace that you could sustain for HOURS

Erica J. WOD Crawl front squat

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